• MEDIUM size: Weight: 74 grams, total length 100 mm = 3.9 inches, width 37 mm = 1.5 inch.
  • LARGE size: Weight: 80 grams, total length 120 mm = 4.7 inches, width 37 mm = 1.5 inch.


With the CELLMATE chastity device, you have to give up complete control of your penis because the CELLMATE is a CHASTITY DEVICE for the submissive man that is remotely-controlled using an App!

Very simply and without any difficult technology, your partner controls the CELLMATE chestity belt using a special App. Infinitely exciting moments await you with your dominant partner during which you will completely lose control of your penis.

For example, you can use our App-controlled chastity belt when you go shopping and allow yourself to be surprised in the changing room by your partner. It is also particularly exciting at home if your partner has complete control of your manhood.

One App, infinite possibilities! Whether at home, travelling, shopping, playing sports, during bondage or even during remote education – the CELLMATE  keeps you completely chaste and your penis completely under control thanks to its ingenious App control.

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Weight 0.400 kg

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