No pockets? No worries! The Mister B Leather Hip Holster is the way to go. This quality leather hip bag can carry your goods for you when you haven’t got much else on. Keep your phone or wallet in this sack to avoid stretching your tight leather pants’ pockets. It is perfect for those kink or sex parties when you aren’t wearing clothing with pockets, or great with jeans too, for a cool, leather look. Can be worn with any Mister B Leather Belt.

Premium tailored craftsmanship and reinforced stitching make this bag not only look good, but strong and secure for keeping your valuables. The Mister B Leather Hip Holster is great for day trips or travel as you can fit a fair amount of items in its discreet shape. Easily loop your leather belt of 5 cm or smaller through the two loops at the back of the bag and latch the bottom strap around your thigh. The thigh strap can fit any thigh with a circumference of anywhere between 17 inches/45 cm to 28 inches/70 cm.

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Weight 0.150 kg