How do we relate to each other?
How do we play together ? How do we challenge each other?
In this confrontation our partner is our obstacle and our mirror, our opponent and our teacher.

These Workshops are all about Empowerment through experiences of collectivity. They are frames for honest connection to yourself and others.

You will experience trust and connection. You learn to draw borders and to open up to touch.
It is all about being in contact, working with someone elses impulses, playing and staying together even in conflict and moving along with all feelings that arise.

Looking at our potential for connection, trust and community in a queer way encourages us to dive deeper into the interlaced realities of emotions and sensations.
We hope to open up new fields of learning from each other and to challenge each other in the most nurturing way.

Please bring drinking bottle and sporty confy clothes for movement.

About the facilitator:

Dorian Bonelli is an artist based in vienna who switched from solo performance work to creating spaces for collective creativity. At this he combines installation and art with constalation work, choreographies of power and (animal) movement practice. Inspired by power play and pain sexuality he is fascinated by the possibilities of an embodied mind; how language, thoughts, and imagination can influence our physical presence and how physical dispositions change our thinking.

Find more at  www.dorianbonelli.at

If the price is outside your financial confort zone please apply for a social ticket via mail.

Also If you have any further questions regarding the workshop

Contact Dorian directly via embodiment_vienna@gmx.at

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These Workshops are all about

  • Body Knowledge and Perception – distinction/de-limitation/connection
  • Empowerment through creative processes and collective experience

They are frames for honest connection to yourself and others. You experience trust and in-security. You learn to say No and to own – your space, your body, your voice and your story.

My work is inspired by the experiences I make as a transgender person and with expanded sexuality. They connect me to non-dualistic logic and the process of transformation.

Have a look at the upcoming event on

SATUDAY the 28.05.2022 from 14:30 – 17:30 o´clock @ GAYT GALLERY SCHÖNBRUNNERSTR. 68 – 1050 WIEN